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New product launch conference of “Submerged combustion LNG vaporizer” jointly developed by Wuxi Triumph and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

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On May 29, 2019, Wuxi Triumph Gases Equipment Co., Ltd. grandly held a new product launch conference of "Submerged combustion LNG vaporizer (SCV)". This product embodies the R & D team of Wuxi Triumph and many experts from Shanghai Jiaotong University for 14 months. At present ,it has applied for 6 national patents for this product.

Chairman Mr. Yu Bin presided over the conference and introduced the market value of the submerged combustion vaporizer in detail, as well as the whole research and development and test process, etc. The experts at the conference agreed that the SCV technology developed by Triumph was leading, filling gaps, and solving the difficult problem of LNG peak shaving and gasification. 

The chairman led the gas industry experts to visit the R & D site and witnessed the operation of the SCV .