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Triumph attended 2019 IG China exhibition in Hangzhou.

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On September 19, 2019, chairman Yu Bin led the sales team to participate in the China International Gases Technology and Equipment Exhibition in Hangzhou.

IG China is a professional event in the field of gas in the world .In recent years, it has developed into the most planned and prestigious exposition in China and even in the world.IG China has been held since 1999 and has lasted for 19 spring and autumn periods according to the rules of one year in Beijing and one year in other provinces. Every year, chairman Yu Bin is sincerely invited by the organizer to be the special guest of the opening ceremony .During the exhibition, Triumph as a leading industrial gas and gas equipment supplier in the industry received a large number of visits from new and old customers. we communicated with customers face to face and achieved good exhibition results.

Triumph sales team communicates with customers