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A large number of core equipment provided by our company to Jinan caofen LNG peak shaving station has entered the commissioning stage

update time:2022-01-05 News sources::Wuxi Triumph Gases Equipment Co.,Ltd. hits:266

Invested and constructed by Jinan energy group, designed by PetroChina Southwest Branch and contracted by China Railway 18th Bureau, all ambient air water-bath vaporizer and other equipment of Jinan nancaofen LNG peak shaving Reserve Station are won the bid and supplied on time. The project adopts our patented product "Split type high-pressure ambient air vaporizer" and other advanced equipment, in which the single air temperature gasifier has a flow of 15000nm3 / h and a pressure of 5.5mpa, which fills the gap in the industry, greatly reduces the investment for users and is recognized by users.