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Triumph was invited to attend the commissioning ceremony of Wujiang Ganghua LNG emergency station

update time:2022-01-05 News sources::Wuxi Triumph Gases Equipment Co.,Ltd. hits:325

Our company won the bid of all Ambient air vaporizer and water-bath vaporizer of Wujiang Ganghua gas were officially commissioned and put into operation. Chairman Yu Bin was invited to attend the commissioning ceremony. The design layout of the project is simple and reasonable, which can be called "high-end, sophisticated and classy" in the industry. So far, our company has successfully contracted the vaporizer of all LNG peak shaving stations in Suzhou, such as Suzhou Ganghua, Suzhou China Resources, Wujiang Ganghua, Changshu natural gas, Zhangjiagang Ganghua, Kunshan China Resources, etc.