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Our company conducts equipment commissioning and operation training for Zhejiang hangjiaxin company

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In July 2021, the EPC contractor of China Huanqiu contracting & Engineering Corporation and our company conducted comprehensive training before start-up for a large number of LNG vaporizers and other equipment provided to the site of Zhejiang hangjiaxin clean energy company. The project adopts the patented technology of our company and the most advanced large split gasifier product in China. The maximum gasification capacity of a single unit can reach 25000nm3 / h and the working pressure is 9.3mpa. The contract value of the complete gasifier of the LNG terminal is nearly 30 million yuan, and the maximum vaporizer capacity can reach 400000 m3 / h. It will be put into operation in the near future. The supercooled gasification section (black) of the large flow split air temperature vaporizer is also equipped with an efficient demisting device heated by circulating water, which can avoid the gasification phenomenon of "smoke winding" in the conventional gasification station on site during operation.

The project is composed of dozens of large Ambient air vaporizer and a number of 100000 Nm3 / h water bath vaporizer, forming a gasification cluster. The site is very spectacular and can be called the first in the world. It is believed that in the future, the optimized gasification mode of "large split vaporizer (including demisting) + submerged combustion vaporizer(SCV)" will be the preferred process for small and medium-sized LNG terminals and large urban LNG peak shaving and gasification stations, with the advantages of low operation cost and large gas supply.