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Triumph congratulated Huzhou ENN Gas LNG emergency station on its upcoming operation

update time:2022-01-05 News sources::Wuxi Triumph Gases Equipment Co.,Ltd. hits:1020

For the LNG emergency storage and distribution station project, Triumph has provided a variety of gas equipment such as water bath vaporizer, ambient air vaporizer (including demister), unloading skid, pressure regulating and metering skid, with a contract amount of about 5 million. Today, the installation has been completed and will be put into operation. After the project is put into operation, the gasified natural gas can be directly supplemented from the station pipeline to the urban pipe network, which can effectively improve the emergency peak shaving support capacity of Huzhou urban natural gas. This station is the second peak shaving station of Huzhou ENN gas. The main equipment of the first peak shaving station before was also provided by Triumph, which has been used and operated normally for many years.