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Pressure Regulating Skid Series

Pressure reducing&metering Skid

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Superior valves from U.S Gerany or China are chosen for pressure regulating device,applicable flow from 50Nm3/h to 20,000Nm3/h.Pressure regulating range is 0-25.0Mpa.

Along with the LNG being wildly acknowledged and applied,LNG gasification skid has been constantly developing.As a leading manufacture of LNG gasification skid in China,we have developed multiple LNG gasification processes,such as :mainfold pipeline skid,unloading PBU skid.Storage PBU skid, semi-trailer PBU skid,LNG gasification skid filling skid for vehicles,etc.

Skid mounted equipment that Triumph has developed ,with it’s advantages of being compact sized, properly arranged ,easy to install and maintain,safer to operate ,occupied less area ,now has successfully applied in city gas peak-shaving,central gas supply for communities and industry zone,etc.