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SCV vaporizer

SCV vaporizer

Product Introduction


This skid mounted submerged combustion vaporizer (SCV) is a patented achievement  and development between Triumph and Shanghai Jiaotong University.It is the first one developed in China and has obtained serveral national patents.

SCV is mainly used to gasify large flow LNG or other cryogenic medium in LNG receiving stations or large cities.

It makes full use of the high-temperature flue gas generated by natural gas combustion as the heat source.The high-temperature flue gas causes severe disturbance in the pool and efficiently heats the LNG or the other cryogenic medium heat exchange coil immersed in the pool.

It has the advantages of very high heat exchange efficiency,the gasification capacity and gas consumption of about 100:1.4, the equipment occupies a small aread,high automation, the whole skid assembly put into production quickly and the gasification capacity is not affected by the climate.The gasification load can be adjust arbitrarily from 10-110%.


Maximum working pressure (MPa): 20MPa or customized


Core component warranty period: 1-2 years


Capacity: 30000NM3/h~20000NM3/h


Weight: 40T~80T


Warranty period: 1-2 years