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LNG gas station

Product Overview 

     Cryogenic storage tanks which designed and manufactured by Triumph are strictly in accordance with national standards, such as GB150, GB18442, etc. These tanks with various working pressure and specification can be widely used in the storage and usage of liquefied natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, ethylene, etc. For Micro-tank, the volume ranges from 1m3~7.5m3, working pressure ranges from 1.6Mpa~3.6Mpa. For standardized cryogenic tank, volume ranges from 3m3~250m3, working pressure ranges from 0.8Mpa~1.6Mpa. 
     Triumph cryogenic storage tanks have adopted special high vacuumed thermal insulation technology, which ensures excellent thermal insulation performance, enduring vacuum maintenance, lower use-cost. Modularized pipeline design and advanced configuration highly improves the performance and endurance, decreases the maintenance cost, enhances you competitive advantage. 
     Triumph is capable of customizing cryogenic storage tanks with volume up to 200m3 or even higher in accordance with customers’ requests, and we are able to supply various equipment such as vaporizers, pressure regulating & metering skids, buffer tank, combined pressure regulating device, (PCM)PLC control system( unattended operation), EPC turnkey projects.